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RIP Book Club

In an attempt to fill some holes left by our stellar public education, we decided to start a book club! The idea was to read and discuss some of the classics, or whatever caught our fancy. We thought it would be a good idea to even make a podcast about it! However well intentioned we were, the idea only made it a few books in before members started dropping out due to lack of (insert whatever sorry-ass excuse here to make you feel better. You know who you are and your lack of discipline sickens me, you uncultured swine).
We didn’t all drop out at once. No, this was a prolonged death, where at the end you knew it was time, but you were okay with it since you had so much time to prepare. Unfortunate for you listeners though, for you do not get to hear our enlightened deliberations on some of the most famous works of literature.
Or do you?
Apparently one book review made it out of this debacle, and although it isn’t the whole gang, you get to taste a bit of what could have been. The review was on Shōgun, a novel written in 1975 by James Clavell. Who knows, maybe we will pick it up again down the road? But then again….
If this is something that tickles your fancy, and you want to catch up to where we are, here is the reading list:

Catcher in the Rye By JD Salinger
Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens
Once and Future King By TH White
1Q84 By Haruki Murakami
Shōgun ByJames Clavell
Tigana By Guy Gavriel Kay


-Cameron Wilson

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